Day Eight - Object Scene

Had to take two objects in my room and make a scene with them. Did a coil of aluminum wire and a small wooden clog keychain I had.

Goats Gruff Games Branding Package

Did a whole branding package for my portfolio with Goats Gruff Games, and to have the templates on hand if I ever need them.

In Which Diversity Isn't a Myth



Ok. I’m tired of the typical vampire, werewolf and fairy.I’m also tired of the occidental-centrism in mythology. Hence, this list.

I tried to included as many cultural variants as I could find and think of. (Unfortunately, I was restricted by language. Some…

Wish this was around when we were starting Waracle’s bestiary - would’ve saved some research time.

Day Seven - Strange Object

I had trouble finding objects in my room that I’d properly call “strange”, so I picked one of my multi-sided die.

Goats Gruff Logo

I don’t generally put finished portfolio pieces on here, but I’m really proud of this. I spent ages and dozens of different drafts before I came to a satisfactory conclusion. This is my logo for Goats Gruff Games, the publisher/subsidiary Waracle will publish under. Plan on doing peripheral marketing materials for it, just to have them and to help buff the portfolio more.


It might be almost midnight but technically it’s still Waracle Wednesday so here we go!
This spunky little guy (or I guess not-so-little given that he’s large enough to ride)  is one of the dragons used by the Dushum as a mount. They are not capable of true flight, like you might expect, but they are effective gliders! Climbing is another thing they excel at, scurrying around the walls of the mountain caves in which they live and even hanging upside down! The little claws on the tops of their wings are used as hands when walking and when climbing and they are able to keep quite a good grip, even with just the two small fingers.
Aside from teeth and claws, they also have a venomous spike on the end of their tails, and strike in a way similar to a scorpion.

Waracle Wednesday - Weapons

This week for Waracle Wednesday I’m going to talk a bit about weapons from various cultures. No images this time, unfortunately - haven’t been able to sit down and draw some yet.

 As the dominant force in the civilized world, the Quesachi unsurprisingly have a variety of weapons and masters. Out of all their weaponry, however, two stand out as truly unique: the macuahuitl and urumi. Both are used only by special forces and are a sort of mark of status in the Quesachan military. A macuahuitl is a flat club, often made from a hard wood, with square shards of obsidian embedded along the edges. It’s used by the Black Blades as a secondary weapon, generally for enemies intended for capture – it can easily sever tendons and cripple foes.

The other noteworthy weapon, an urumi, is a coiled sword. This long, odd blade takes years of specialized trained and is used by the Serpent Strikers order, often used for intimidation in battle. The whirling, flexible blade swings much like a whip, and is used in tandem with a shield.

 The fabled Dushum, commonly known as the Dragon Riders, prefer a simpler, yet still stylish blade. When not using ranged weapons, a khopesh is their weapon of choice. Generally, Dushum khopeshes are extremely curved – sometimes as far as a half-circle – and it’s not unusual for the blades of officers to have decorative hilts and hand guards.

 The Yanter in the far north are hunters as much as warriors, and their arsenal reflects such. Whether raiding or whaling, most Yanter travel with a knife, but also favor harpoons carved from whale bone, and bolas for capturing small prey or incapacitating victims during a pillage. Very few Yanter weapons are metal – not from a lack of forging skill, but a lack of ore in ready supply. Most homemade weapons are bone or wood, and most metal weapons are trophies acquired from raids. Occasionally Yanter will melt down metal and forge their own metal spear tips or knives.

 The vast deserts of the southeast are home to the camel lords, the Maesunja. Nomadic and divided into small, oft-warring bands, the Maesunja prefer recurve bows for fighting and hunting. Their superior bows and skill from camelback make them the world’s deadliest archers, though even they keep a dagger or short sword on hand for close combat and self-defense.

 As their name suggests, Trappers are masters of… well, traps. Hardened by centuries of guerilla warfare, rather than direct confrontation, the Trappers thrive on using their environment to their advantage, leading enemies into bamboo spike pits, exploding tree seeds, and giant spider lairs. In a pinch, however, Trappers can use their digging gloves as a weapon. Designed similar to a mole’s claw, the digging gloves are bamboo or iron claws sewn onto simple gloves, and can be used to grapple or scratch an enemy that ventures too close.

 Like their distant cousins, the Dulisi are also improvisational fighters. Wandering river nomads, Dulisi rarely seek confrontation and have no homeland to defend. Most of their host nations distrust them, however, and thus most Dulisi train to use their everyday tools as weapons in a pinch. Common makeshift weapons are fishing spears and oars, and most Dulisi wield them as any weapon master carries their sword. Dulisi venturing out on their own for a time often carry a small dagger as well, usually hidden in their clothing.

Day Six - Random Character

Today I had to draw a character generated by this. I got Tall, Medium/Pirate/Human with animal features/Talisman. Kind of cheated a bit as it’s a Bizeem pirate (something from Waracle) though he still looks a bit like a type of iconic pirate, if you think of the grunts. And the “animal features” are just somewhat catlike eyes.

… And I just now realized I forgot to draw the necklace he was going to have as a talisman. Hahaha whoops. Oh well. He was fun to draw and think of a new random character, so it’s still something.



Monster Rancher

holy shit

The roots of one of my longest friendships and intro to online fandoms. Ah, nostalgia.